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 Original Emo, Indie, Pop-Punk

Artist Bio

After nearly a decade of touring at the DIY level with other projects, Almond branched off into another direction with the simple goal of “just writing good songs” with full intent to traverse genre bending spaces that have always been out of reach under the guise of gluing other members together for the song writing process. Post Gospel hit the studio (Golden Press) with a handful of demos written over the course of the birth of his daughter and dragging out through the pandemic years to create 'Natural Habitat'. The idea was “playing is better than not playing” and finding time in a busy work, life, and family balance to hang out in a garage and make some loud ass rock and roll was a good way to keep his hands busy and mind clear. Big riffs, screaming leads and thunderous drums became the backdrop for the story that Cody would go on to tell, facing down the end of his twenties and lack of the presence of purpose in his life.

The ep is filled with regrets of past failures and inability to recognize the good years when you're in them. But, in this lackluster melancholy we call adulthood a new love of music for the sake of music was born. Now armed with a multitude of friends from similar walks of life in their youth and experience to fill the roster with new ideas and a loving, almost intoxicating, charismatic level of support (and a handful of “good songs”), Almond plans to take the project to a higher plane of existence while continuing to carve out a small space for the feeling of restlessness to live on.

The debut of the new sound and group will manifest itself in the form of the lead single “Rose Gold” out July 18th with an accompanying music video. The video is simple and fun with it’s roots deep in the idea of what the project is planted in. Make good music and have a good time doing it.

Band Members:

Cody Almond, Aj Patiag, Collin Fiol, Bryan Davies and John Parkison.


The Wonder Years, Title Fight, The Dangerous Summer, Third Eye Blind, Taking Back Sunday





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