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'Rose Gold' album cover

...To Rock! Post Gospel recently dropped their new single 'Rose Gold' along with a killer music video shot inside their garage and rehersal space. The video starts with the band jamming to the new track, then quickly cuts to frontman Cody Almond passing off his guitar to view the newly-shot footage along with fellow bandmates (except for the bass player, who is playing a Pokemon arcade game).

The mood changes as the garage becomes a smoke-filled stage with a greenish hue. Friends are shown playing the band members' instruments in ways that would cause a few neck beards with no sense of humor to throw shade. As the chorus comes around again the garage goes dark, save for a couple yellow lights overhead, and the camera zooms out showing Post Gospel with a crowd full of friends head banging to the tune. 

Overall the video is fun, but also moody, and beautifully shot and edited. The song itself is a fantastic blend of emo-rock like Taking Back Sunday, and alternative rock in the vein of Third Eye Blind. The heavy guitar riffs in the chorus personally remind me of Third Eye Blind's 'Thanks a Lot', and as a fan of that album, I really enjoyed this track.

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