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SM DubTraks TVDubTraks is a growing record label, music collective, and blog promoting its own artists and independent artists from the Indianapolis area and throughout Indiana. 

Founded by Aaron Wright, a.k.a @@ron, as solely a record label to promote it's artists, DubTraks has expanded its mission to include the promotion of local independent artists as well as sharing its insights in a music blog focusing on the Indiana music scene.

Its goal is to serve as a hub for information and opinions on all things music in Indiana and expand the reach of those active in the music scene. 


What is a Roster Artist?

A Roster Artist is an individual or group supported by and/or released under the DubTraks label. If you or your band are interested in joining the DubTraks label, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

What is an Independent Artist?

An Independent Artist is an individual or group featured on the Independent Artists page and may also be featured in additional content on the site like music reviews or news posts. These artists do not release music under the DubTraks label and are not financially supported by DubTraks. If you're an individual artist or part of a group, and you're interested in becoming one of our Independent Artists, please fill out our artist submission form.  

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