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Indianapolis Original Rock artist, Tyler Trowbridge announced via Facebook on Wednesday that his new album "Too Scare To Try" is due for release on October 20th. The release comes about 2 years after the release of his last album "Hell Is Getting What You Want Forever", which we here at DubTraks were big fans of. 


I'm very excited to announce that my third album "Too Scared to Try" will be out on October 20th!

And to celebrate the new album I also have a...
Yep, the first single "Never See it Coming" will be out THIS FRIDAY for pre-order on iTunes. It tells a story about young love and the lessons heartbreak teaches us during our first couple of relationships.

For this album I teamed up with Italian producer Filippo Tomassi to help me finally make the album I've always wanted to make. I'm extremely proud of this album. The production is a BIG step up from my previous records thanks to Filippo so I hope you give it a listen. There's a bit of something for everyone on this one and I'm excited to share it with you!


The first single on the new album is called "Never See It Coming" and will be available for pre-order on iTunes soon. Tyler tells us it's the story of a small-town couple breaking up, with some heartland rock vibes on it. 

For the album. I Tyler's teamed up with Italian producer Filippo Tommasi to create an eclectic sound. Tyler says he's really upped the production value of his songs. They were going for a mix of sounds - grunge and americana but with pop sensibilities. He wanted it to have some edge but also be able to slow down and be introspective and tender at times as well.

We're definitely pumped to hear what Tyler's put together on this release, and stay tuned in days to come, because he's given us early access to the new songs! So lookout for a blog post giving you some insight on what to look forward to. Also, click below to view Tyler's profile and learn more about him and his music!



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