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Night Below has just finished their next single titled You Two. The band says it will be released on October 6th and they hope to be playing a small show at the Lacy Arts Building in Noblesville to kick it off. 
Night Below is a Hard Rock/Rock & Roll outfit from Indianapolis. Their style mixes the 70's hard rock of bands like Black Sabbath with grunge influences from Nirvana, STP, and Soundgarden. They recently played a gig at the historic Melody Inn with Indy bands Cease & Resist and Wayward Pilot to much success. You can read more about those two bands here on DubTraks on our Independent Artists page.
The band says their new single You Two is either the first or second song they wrote as a band. The riff had been kicked around since 2017, but their singer (Jon Martin) was coming out of a bad work situation, which during rehersal sparked inspiration and - 🔥BOOM🔥 - the song was born. Since they were already recording during rehersal, the only thing left to do was to have Jon lay down a vocal track over the demo and refine it into a single. 
You Two is a bit of a departure for Night Below, as far as style goes, but the band says the tune is fun to play and they really enjoy it. They're hoping their fans, both old and new, can dig it as well. 
The song is either the [first or] second we wrote as a band. It comes from a progression I had kicked around since 2017. Our singer was just coming out of a bad work situation and during an early rehearsal, inspiration struck and this came out.
We were recording all of our random jams at that time, and after practice he quickly did a vocal overdub. He sent a rough demo over what we played, and we developed that to what you hear today.
It's a different sound than what we normally do, but it's fun to play and we all dig it so we hope others will too.
Their show at the Lacy Arts Building in Noblesville on Friday, October 6th will kick off the releases of You Two, and if you haven't had a chance to check these guys out, this might be your official invitation! This a slot in Noblesville's First Friday event, which is a lot of fun in and of itself, so this is sure to be a great time for anyone.
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