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The Shake Ups

In the vast and diverse landscape of the music world, there are few bands that manage to stand out by infusing their music with a distinct style that resonates deeply with listeners. One such band that has been winning hearts with their unique approach is none other than The Shake Ups. With a blend of groovy melodies, nostalgic vibes, and an infectious energy, The Shake Ups have carved out a niche for themselves that captures the essence of both the past and the present by crafting unique covers of popular cartoons as well as their own themes and songs.


Power Pop Themes:

The Shake Ups are masters at covering both cult classic and popular animated themes while blending their own power pop style into the mix. Their cover of the Teen Titans theme is a great example of this. With the emphasis on surfy guitars and high pitched cartoon vocals, the band really takes the song from it's original form to something more vibrant and energetic.


Energetic and Infectious Performance:

A live performance by The Shake Ups is an experience unlike any other. Their stage presence radiates an infectious energy that spreads like wildfire among the audience. The band is of course decked out in costumes depicting cartoons characters from various genres, and they incorporate various visual aids such as a projection of the series theme they're performing on the stage backdrop. Add to that an audience that's excited to have their nostalgic heart strings plucked and baby you got a stew goin!


Their Own Animated Series:

What truly stands out about The Shake Ups, other than what we've already covered, is their ability to take all of their influences and roll them into their own original content - and they're not just limiting themselves to music here, they've actually created their own animated series and soundtrack! Ignore City is a two season animated series written by the band's Ed Cho and voiced by The Shake Ups and is set in a post-apocalyptic future where technology has been outlawed. Deban Rimpa, a scrappy bike messenger, befriends a sentient robot head named Saner 0805. She embarks on an intrepid adventure through Ignore City to save civilization before government agents catch up with her.


The Shake Ups have succeeded in creating a musical group that transcends the norm and brings something really exciting to the ever growning community of animated series' and pop culture. Check out their music below!


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