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 Rock and/or Rollers Cease and Resist are fresh off a gig at the Melody Inn, sharing the bill with Night Below and Wayward Pilot. The show was as an energetic rock and roll frenzy and now they're looking to keep the ball rolling with the announcement of their second album coming out this Halloween.

Cease and Resist is a band from Indianapolis that started out back in 2021 as casual guitar and drum jam sessions. Once Jay Ewing (Guitar, Lead Vocals) started showing Chandler Pickard (Drums, Vocals) his orignal songwriting they knew they were onto something. They recruited “Dangerous” Dan Combs on guitar and Sam “Crow” Bauer on bass, and went into the studio almost immediately to work on their debut album. The result was an electrifying mix of anthemic choruses, driving back beats, and shredding guitar solos. This was put on full display with their first full length self-titled album. 

After the release of their first album, and 2 years passed, the band has announced the coming of their second album. On August 28th Cease and Resist announced via Facebook that their second album 'Life Love Strife Blood" was set to drop on Halloween of this year, along with album artwork:

❌MARK YOUR CALENDARS❌ Our second album, LIFE LOVE STRIFE BLOOD comes out this Halloween ☠️ Who’s ready to ROCK?!



The album cover features a clock tower with bolts of lightning around it in a stark blue clouded background. It's reminiscent of Back to the Future's climactic moment where Doc Brown must reconnect the lightning cable while perched from the clock tower in order for Marty to harness it's power and travel back (or maybe forward) to 1985.

I personally find it to give an AC/DC 'Hell's Bells' vibe, and given that the band's last release was an all out onslaught of rock, I'd expect this one to be no different. We're excited to hear what's next from Cease and Resist, and their fans are too!

If you're not familiar with them, check out their last album in the Spotify widget above, and stay tuned for updates on their social media and, of course, here at DubTraks!

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