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As Reddit user u/ivanoe put it "Wake up, EHX releases new PICO pedals!". That's right, after announicng the PICO line eaerlier this year and releasing two highly anticipated pedals in a new super-small format (the POG Polyphonic Octave, and the Platform Compressor), Electro-Harmonix has added SEVEN more to the lineup. That's a pretty hefty drop frrom EHX, and it's not just a re-release of existing circuits in a smaller package. There are also a few brand new additions to the PICO series. 


DeepFreeze FrontDeep Freeze

Sound Retainer/Sustainer

Meeting between the original Freeze and Superego pedals is the Pico Deep Freeze Sound Retainer. With the ability to freeze a moment in sound, the Deep Freeze can act as a sustain pedal for holding chords and notes as backing for your playing or as a platform to manipulate your tone into new sounds impossible with a normal guitar. In addition to the original Freeze’s abilities, the Deep Freeze features layering, adjustable attack/decay speeds, glissando, dedicated volume controls, and 3 modes: Latch, Moment, and Auto, making it powerful pedal punching well above its weight.



Triboro FrontTriboro Bridge


The EHX Pico Triboro Bridge is a tri-mode drive box with a wide range of tonal possibilities. Featuring Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz modes, it bridges any gap in your gain. With a powerful EQ, input contouring, and a pico-sized footprint, the Triboro Bridge can be your tonal keystone or a welcome change from the routine drive.



Rerun FrontRerun

Tape Delay

Tape delay is loved for its warmth and charming imperfections compared to pristine digital delays. Their preamps could be pushed to saturation and, over time, the tape in vintage delay units would degrade causing a signature warble loved by many. These signature elements are captured and packed into Electro-Harmonix’s Pico Rerun tape delay. Based off the tape delay algorithm found in the Canyon Delay & Looper, the Rerun gives vintage vibes with modern features.


What Else? 

The remaining pedals are the original circuits that EHX users love, but in a simpler feature-set and a much smaller package. Some pedals, such as the POG, even have new features not present on the Nano versions.

If you want to go straight to the video demoes (featuring EHX OG  Bill Ruppert) of all of these you can do that by clicking here.



Oceans3 FrontOceans 3-Verb

Multi-Function Reverb

The EHX Pico Oceans 3-Verb is an ultra-compact reverb pedal packed with the essentials of ambience with plenty of flexibility and control. This Pico-sized reverberator adds the huge sounds of Spring, Plate, and Hall reverb to any pedalboard while using minimal space. Adjustable decay time, pre-delay / spring length, and tone make the Oceans 3-verb able to create a plethora of spacious sounds.



Oceans3 FrontCanyon Echo

Digital Delay

The EHX Pico Canyon Echo takes the digital delay from the award-winning Canyon Delay and Looper and plates it up as a single serving echo unit. Starting with a crystal clean delay, the Canyon Echo is a sweetly simple delay with 3 seconds of delay time. Don’t let the size fool you, this canyon is deep! Add filtering, tap tempo, and a feedback knob capable of infinite repeats and this little echo is up to most time bending tasks.



Oceans3 FrontAttack Decay

Tape Reverse Simulator

The original Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator is known for producing volume and reverse swells, backward tape sounds, artificially short staccato notes, and bowed instrument effects. In 2019 the digital Attack Decay reissue was released, and now the Pico Attack Decay gives us volume envelope effects in a simplified, compact package.



Oceans3 FrontPlatform


The EHX Pico Platform Compressor / Limiter is a powerful and versatile studio-style compressor enclosed in a pico-sized package. Borrowing from the original, the Pico Platform condenses the comp section of the full-sized Stereo Platform for those looking to fit smooth studio compression onto any pedalboard. Packed with 2 modes and Hard/Sort Knee compression options, it is a perfect fit for sculpting your dynamics with professional precision.



Oceans3 FrontPOG

Poly Octave Generator

EHX’s smallest and most powerful compact Polyphonic Octave Generator yet. The Pico POG takes the streamlined simplicity of the Micro and Nano POGs and fits it all into an ultra-compact chassis and adds a powerful tone control. The tightest octave effect now fits on the tightest of pedalboards.



More Input!

For more information on all of these pedals, and how to buy, visit the Electro-Harmonix site.

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